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About Viable Synergy, LLC

Viable Synergy is a strategic innovation and technology firm focused in the areas of innovation, commercialization, and organizational/ community engagement.  Our flexible services model includes scalable technology solutions that enable us to work with global organizations, communities, and individuals.  This model and the diversity of our customer base creates great synergy for our clients.  We would love to discuss how we can help you build bring your innovation to life.  Contact us today and lets GetStarted@ViableSynergy.com!

At Viable Synergy we believe it should be easy for people who have information to share it and for people who need information to get it, especially when it comes to health.  That is why we created Innovation Station, a networked, secure HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, digital engagement platform connecting people and information around the world.

Innovation Station streamlines the process of creating, managing, publishing, distributing, and consuming content, but we didn’t stop there.  Innovation Station includes several highly specialized modules that allow you to create content marketplaces so that you can sell content on your on site and even syndicate content to other Innovation Station customers.  This allows you to increase revenue generation, enhance customer acquisition, and improve brand recognition.  Start leveraging your knowledge to transform our world today!

Request a demo today by emailing us Demo@ViableSynergy.com or calling 513-284-6154.