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Do you or someone who know have a unique approach to engaging health care staff or patients with great original content or innovative software or app? We need you!

We are launching a new platform and need great content and cool ways to deliver it.  We build the strategy and bring the customers, you bring the content and we’ll share the revenue!

As a content producer/ author, this new project will help you increase your reach, recognition, revenue,  and provide a reward of knowing that the effort that you and your team invested in creating great content is going to help many more people. We believe your great content delivered in an engaging way via our strategy and delivery platform will transform the health of individuals, families, and communities.

This new project is still incognito, so we can’t provide all the details just yet, but if you sign-up below,  we will contact you in the near future with more details.

We can’t wait to learn more about you and your content!

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If you would are an organization who wants to learn more about this “incognito” project to transform health through integrated communications and content marketing, contact us at or click the button below for a contact request form.

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