Wellness Solutions

Innovation Station is a great platform for Employee Wellness programs. Whether you are running and internal program or you are a wellness services provider we can configure a solution to meet your needs and those of your clients today and into the future.
Key points of differentiation:
  • Highly flexible and modular so that it can grow as your needs and those of your clients grow
  • We can get you started quickly
  • Licensing models with no “start-up costs”
  • Low “minimums” (dollars and users) are very low and reasonable
    • Depending on your configuration they could be as low as 1 administrator and 2 authors/ content creators/ curators :
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and machine learning to ensure that each registered user easily finds and connects with the content that is most relevant to their needs and care plan
  • Flexible content libraries (cost and content)
    • Use all your own content and save costs on purchasing content
    • Leverage freely available content through respected organizations like the National Institutes of Health or Center for Disease Control (build your own content libraries at no additional cost)
    • Purchase content from reputable organizations
  • Build your own reputation
    • Crowdsource content from your employees to increase awareness of your organizational expertise and create a sustainable source of original content that engages customers wherever they are – on your website, social media, during clinical visits, post discharge, or through employee wellness programs
  • Fully customizable content library
  • A built in peer review process so that you can ensure that the content that is published meets organizational standards
  • Personalized experience for each registered user
    •  Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and machine learning  are used to ensure that each registered user easily finds and connects with the content that is most relevant to her/his needs and care plan
  • If you are a wellness services provider or broker we have a few unique features for you
    • Ability “resell” to other clients
      • We are happy to configure a customizable platform/ portal for your needs that you can then resell to your clients under your brand name /a brand name you choose
    • Post once and publish across all of your client’s portals through our proprietary content syndication engine, reducing administrative burden and increasing efficiency
    • Customer level customization
      • Allow your customers to publish their own content into the wellness portal increasing the value of your solution to them and making it easier for your customers employees to easily find and connect with the information may they need